Tescom Technical Support Car
7 / 24 service by qualified personnel in countries where authorized dealers available!


The purpose of a UPS is to provide clean and uninterrupted power to important data systems, several software and hardware devices, health care devices etc… If there is a loss or interruption of mains power that causes a complete loss of time and money. For this reason regular and prompt technical service and maintenance is very crucial for your systems.

Periodic maintenance is the most important point in a UPS’s operational life time. Even though UPS’s are designed to operate 7/24, by having your system serviced at necessary time frames your UPS will have a better and longer life time. Required maintenances should be done on time and with the manufacturer's approved replacement parts and by trained personnel. During the periodic inspections and maintenance, worn and expired parts (batteries, fans, capacitors, etc.) might be replaced in order to maintain a proper operation condition.

For technical service or support, please call your local Tescom dealer. If authorized dealer not available in your country then contact us at